Time For Action

Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in. – Bill Bradley

Most of my blog posts are reflective but this time I’m thinking about my own ‘action’.

I’m often looking around for ways to extend myself in any way – I don’t like to ‘settle’. I don’t have an end-game.

In a previous life, I coached a group of Under-10 boys in a basketball team. Then I coached two teams. Then four. I maxed out (of hours in the week) at eight. Eventually I gained enough experience through coaching kids from Under-8 to Under-18 that I explored coaching seniors.

But perhaps the best part of that role, apart from seeing a child score their first basket, a team get their first win, was working with younger coaches to assist in refining and strengthening their craft. This led to more operational responsibilities but still I got a real kick out of seeing their progress. To this day some of those boys and girls are still coaching – and that is a win in itself.

So here I am today. Still ambitious and still looking to extend myself.

I’ve started to explore Masters of Education programs in International Baccalaureate, ICT and Leadership – so many different pathways that I’d love to tackle.

Over the past twelve months I’ve been caught up in a Google Apps for Education storm. I’m really excited to apply for the new Google Education Certified Innovator program. I’m going to spend the coming months thinking about how I can present the ways that I empower my learners with technology and foster a culture of innovation in our learning space.

These holidays I’ve been reading Eric Sheninger’s book Digital Leadership. It has been a great follow-up to EduTECH in June and the inspiration drawn to drive positive change with my teaching and learning. Though I’m not a ‘leader’ by title in my school by any means, it is something I’m passionate about and excited to (hopefully) explore one day. It has jolted me into thinking about ways I can be, at the least, a digital leader, by modelling appropriate practices, creating opportunities for my students to be creative and innovative – stay tuned for a new project – and becoming more involved with key stakeholders.

I feel fortunate that I’ll be running a workshop about blogging for transdisciplinary learning and hosting our internal TeachMeet on Conference Day next week. I love sharing what I do with others, especially my colleagues. One thing that stuck with me from EduTECH was stated profoundly by George Curos  – ‘We as educators have a moral obligation to share what works.’

There’s a lot going on here. That’s okay. It’s exciting. Maybe it will all happen. Maybe it won’t. But I won’t die wondering.

After all… I’m just learning!


About Dean Kuran

I'm a primary school teacher at an IB PYP school in Melbourne, Australia. I believe in establishing positive environments in which students can develop confidence and curiosity, while nurturing the skills that will benefit them outside of the learning space.
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One Response to Time For Action

  1. whatedsaid says:

    “You can lead from anywhere” well used quote by… Me.

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